Welcome to Asteroid Lab's website.

We are a small indie game developer based in Switzerland, making games since 2019.



Terraform Mars in this turn-based colony builder and resource management game with roguelike elements. Explore the planet, develop spectacular cities, spread life and turn the Red Planet into a green one!

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The Road Ahead (in early developement)

The Road Ahead roguelike auto battler in which you lead a Bronze age caravan through mythical landscapes filled with riches and peril.

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And more in the works!


Our core team consists of Alexis Giard (programmer and co-founder) , Jasper Damman (game designer and co-founder) , S├ębastien de Graffenried (programmer and co-founder) , Miguel Maldonado (UI & graphic design, illustration) , Ludovic Rossier (2D art, concept art, illustration) , and Dan Bourquin (programming) .

We are also regulary working with Tiago Da Silva (illustration) , Frank Sawieljew (writing), Frederik Max (sound design) , Anton Dromberg & Daniel Rosenqvist of Airship Studio (music composition) .


A big thanks to Pro Helvetia for supporting our projects.

Contact: contact@asteroidlab.com